Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Company Benefits

  • Lowers office stress, resulting in higher productivity and creativity. 
  •  Reduces the number of working days lost due to stress, headaches, backache and R.S.I. (Repetitive strain injury)
  • Raises morale by making employees feel valued.


Client Benefits
Lets think for moment what actually happens to our muscles when sitting and looking at a computer screen for an entire day.We tend to stick our heads forward, and this causes the neck muscles to tense up to take the full weight of the head, which weighs approx. 4-6 pounds. A
tense neck causes restriction in two ways. Less blood flows to the brain for concentration, and less air to the lungs causing

shallow breathing. Massaging the neck improves oxygen flow to the brain and opens airways to deepen breathing. Both aid circulation, digestion and concentration. Stress can then travel down into the shoulders, arms and finally hands - a well-known area for muscle tension. Often muscles are unconsciously 'held' or contracted. Raised shoulders for instance, create a tremendous amount of tension on the upper back. Instead of  hanging as nature intended, they actually have to fight against the force of gravity to remain continually raised.

Long periods of inactive movement and poor posture at the desk leads to stiffening and loss of flexibility. This muscle tension creates blocked energy. When the muscle is released by massage, the energy is unblocked which creates a wonderfully energised feeling, yet relaxed. Massages can locate and loosen  tensions held in the body; which is often held unknowingly for years and working on these areas

can bring life back into these parts.


  • Massage therapy promotes the breakdown and dispersal of toxins stored in tight muscles and the release of stagnant energy.

    Soothes the nervous system and improves circulation, thereby providing extra oxygen to the brain, which aids concentration,
          alertness and vitality.
  • Improves lymphatic flow which is good for the immune system.
  •   Provides instant release of neck and shoulder stiffness, backache and muscular tension.
  •   Eases long term ailments such as headaches, eye strain, insomnia and R.S.I.
  •   Massage aids deep rejuvenating sleep that helps heal stress.

Pregnant Women Benefits

Prenatal massage is increasingly gaining popularity as pregnant women begin recognizing the benefits prenatal massage has to offer

women during pregnancy. Back pain is one of the more common side effects of pregnancy. Back pain can continue throughout

pregnancy and even after. If you have to carry around other small children you may find your symptoms exacerbated during


Fortunately massage can help relieve back pain associated with muscular tension. Here are just a few of the other benefits prenatal

massage has to offer:

  • Prenatal massage helps relieve edema or swelling by stimulating circulation throughout the body.
  • Leg massage can help reduce leg cramps and swelling in the legs.
  • Massage is very beneficial for relaxing anxiety during pregnancy.
  • Massage can help promote more restful sleep and help prevent pregnancy related insomnia.
  • Pregnancy massage may relax your baby, particularly if you have your abdomen gently stroked.

Athletes Benefits

Sports massage is reported to have many beneficial effects in athletes. Sports massage can be used pre-performance, post-performance, during

training or for rehabilitation. Athletes of all levels may benefit from sports massage.

Many benefits from sports massage have been reported based on experience and observation. Some of the benefits are to the mind (psychological)

and some are to the body (physiological).


             - Increased blood flow
    - Increased sense of well-being
    - Decreased muscle tension
    - Decreased neurological excitability (nerves more relaxed)
    - Decreased chance of injury
    - Decreased recovery time between workouts

Senior Citizen Benefits

Massage therapy can offer senior citizens a number of benefits that will greatly improve their sense of health and wellbeing. As the population

continues to age, it is important to consider ways that we can work to improve the lives of those affected by the passing of time. A number of studies

have shown that massage therapy can have a direct impact in managing the effects of aging. It has also shown promise in bringing comfort to those

suffering from arthritis and other physical ailments.

In the case of senior citizens, there are a number of benefits that be derived from therapeutic massage. According to the Touch Research Institute, it

is extremely useful in the treatment of Alzheimer's patients, as it can facilitate relaxation and communication. In the case of arthritis sufferers, it can

greatly assist in pain management and help increase range of motion. It also triggers natural joint lubrication, which is extremely important for those

suffering from arthritis.

Massage therapy has also shown promise by helping to increase strength and muscle coordination. It can also greatly improve one's posture by

reducing muscle tension, which has the added benefit of assisting seniors with a higher quality of rest. Massage has also been known to boost one's

natural energy levels, along with their mental awareness. Study after study has shown that there is a place for massage therapy within the health care


More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of massage therapy. In an age where the common approach to pain management has been

dominated by the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, massage therapy has shown to be an effective and natural solution to the ailments

associated with process of aging.


           Studies have found a significient reduction in

           blood pressure after receiving a 15 minute





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